1. Really missing summer right about now. 

    Jake doing handed push-ups pre Iron Maiden/Alice Cooper Jones Beach tailgating.

  2. carly-rab:

    beverly hames, 2010

    photo by carly rabalais

    A long time ago, a hairstyle far far away.

  3. That time I almost missed Death in June because I was too busy trying to film a singing toilet in Baltimore.

  4. Dear 1990s, my earlobes will never forgive you.

  5. What’s left of my childhood.

  6. Age 13, age 14, age 15

  7. B A T L T I T S. 2007

  8. Wild Style feature on Regis Philbin show with Cyn Zarco and Tommy Gunn. 1985

  9. Best pic. Best friends. 2005.

  10. Anasazi

  11. Anasazi (at Home Sweet Home)

  12. Anasazi (at Home Sweet Home)


  13. Don’t believe everything you read.

    Doug Mosurock from Still Single clearly can’t let this one go so he decided to work some fiction about me into a record review. 

    Rather than listen to people who were hurt by those words, they threw a tantrum, stamped their feet on the ground and held their own, got Vice to publish maybe the most humiliating, career-ending article in that magazine’s history, got their ties slashed and van defaced by angry women, and have tried to slink back out of the light of such self-styled controversy after having alienated all of the women and some of the more compassionate men out there who might have once been fans.”

    Slow clap for Tumblr for spreading more misinformation. Thanks Doug. I’m glad flogging this dead horse makes you feel important. No one got fired over my article. The band didn’t get me to write anything. No one asked me to say a word. I showed up to cover the show and wasn’t even intending on mentioning the tour controversy because I thought Church Whip and the bands opening deserved better. I wasn’t humiliated and in fact many people, both men and women, reached out to me to thank me and reposted the article. The editor-in-chief of Vice called me to talk about it and told me that he agreed with my points and found them totally valid. The only changes that were made in the article were to clarify the controversy to the larger Vice readership who wasn’t aware of the situation. Also pretty sure they didn’t alienate all of the women who might have been fans but that’s cool, because clearly you feel entitled to speak for my entire gender. 

    Yes, my editor was fired soon after but it was entirely unrelated. I stopped writing for Vice for a number of reasons, some of them based on personal issues I have with the way that publication is run and a negative view of the internet music press machine in general, but mainly because I own two businesses and about to open a third and frankly I’d rather have punk shows be a space where I’m having fun, not working. 

  14. This weekend marked what would have been our name inspiration Rrose Sélavy aka Marcel Duchamp’s 126th birthday. Pictured is his readymade piece “Fresh Widow”. This miniature French window is made of painted wood with leather covering the glass panes. Our Fresh Widow is made of spiced rye, coconut syrup, pineapple juice, and creole bitters. We think it’s safe to say which one tastes better though we bow to our master when it comes to looks. (at Sel Rrose)

  15. 2002. Seems like a lifetime ago. 20 years old. Drunk on the floor.