1. Bawling like a baby down the aisle.

  2. pamelalovenyc:

    Black diamond and rose gold bridal jewels

    My custom bridal set-up. Rose gold, black diamonds, and sterling silver. Made by my fantastic friend Pamela Love.

  3. Danny Says first dance. Fully truly newly wed #theeragons (at The Bowery Hotel)

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  4. Cheers @ Red Light District.

  5. at Palisades Center

  6. Left the house to buy a wedding dress. Bought these instead. 30 days and counting til Mrs Ragon.

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  7. foxandfawnnyc:


    Matt from Kama Rupa painting runes. Photo by Beverly Hames

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  8. Meet my mortal enemy…this fucking chair. I somehow got my elbow wedged in the back of it after we stopped at a Park Slope wine bar near the animal ER where we just admitted our cat. A cat that has pancreatitis thanks to the fact that she ate flowers meant for Sean as a get well post hospital visit. That’s right. Sean’s get well flowers put our cat in the hospital. But I digress. I played it cool until I started losing feeling in my hand at which point I issued a lame plea for help from Sean. The plea was met with gusto which unfortunately wedged my elbow further. Eventually a waitress greased me up with olive oil and I was freed. Then Sean requested she leave the leftover olive oil at the table so we could dip our bread it in. She obliged. (at Terroir Park Slope)

  9. Flavia the Heretic

  10. Stranded in a motel room in Baker, California. Gateway to the Mohave Desert. Summer 2007. 112 degrees outside. The stench of an overflowing septic tank inside. Chose your poison. Took three days to find another vehicle after the drive train fell out of the tour van. Drove straight to Vegas, gambled for the first time, and won $500. Guess my luck changed. Self portrait by Beverly Hames.

  11. Gasface bartending. Heaven Street. Brooklyn. Tesco Fest. 2011. Photo by Beverly Hames

  12. Handly. Brooklyn. 2012. Photo by Beverly Hames

  13. Bridgette. Robertas 2009. Brooklyn. Photo by Beverly Hames

  14. The Blonds Presentation. NYFW 2011. Photo by Beverly Hames

  15. Laura Leigh. Halloween 2009. Brooklyn. Photo by Beverly Hames.